Aircel Prepaid Haryana Plans, Mobile GPRS Packs Special Tariff Recharge

Aircel Prepaid Haryana Plans

Aircel Prepaid Haryana PlansAircel group is one of the major Indian Telecom operators incorporated in the year of 1999. The company was established by the efforts of Chinnakannan Sivasankaran. Aircel customers in Haryana can avail these Aircel Prepaid Haryana Plans. They also provide the various Aircel 2G GPRS/ internet tariff plans and special recharge vouchers for the local and STD calls for aircel mobile prepaid users in Haryana.

New set of mobile internet tariffs will offer flexibility to its customers to use 2G/3G services in the same pack.

Aircel Prepaid Haryana Plans

Aircel Top Up Recharge

Talk Value(Rs.) Amount (Rs.)
6.90 10
19.25 25
23.70 30
41.50 50
89 100

Postpaid vs Prepaid Connections

Pocket Internet

Description Validity Amount
Unlimited Internet access 3 days Rs 14
Unlimited Internet access 30days Rs 98

Aircel E Recharge

E Top Ups

Talk Value(Rs.) Approx. Min of usage Amount (Rs.)
7.73 14 10
30 50 30
50 86 50
100 181 100
200 362 200
300 543 300
500 905 500
1000 1810 1000

Aircel Dialer Tune Code

Local / STD Rate Cutters

Description Validity Amount (Rs.)
Local Aircel to Aircel: 1p/3 sec
Others Local Calls: 1p/2 sec
STD Calls: 1p/sec
Local & National SMS: 50p
30 Days 16
Local and STD calls: 45p/Min
Local and National SMS: 45p/SMS
Daily Rental: 45p
30 Days 17
Local Aircel: 1p/2 seconds for Per Second Customers
For Per Minute customers: 25p/minute
30 Days 26
Local Aircel to Aircel: 10p/min
Others Local Calls: 40p/min
STD Calls: 60p/min
30 Days 27
STD Calls: 40p/Min for first 500 STD Mins, thereafter 50p/Min 30 Days 28
All Aircel to Aircel STD calls: 30p/Min 30 Days 37
Local Aircel to Aircel: 1p/3 sec
Others Local Calls: 1p/2 sec
STD Calls: 1p/sec
Local & National SMS: 50p
90 Days 38
local/national minutes: 20
Local and STD calls: Rs1/3min
Local and National SMS: 30 at a charge of
Rs 1/day (only First SMS @ Rs 1)
After consumption of 30 SMS Local and National SMS will be charged: Rs 1/SMS.
30 Days 39

Aircel Customer Care Number

Night Pack

Description Timing of usage Validity Amount
Local and National SMS: 500
Local Aircel-to-Aircel calls: 10 paisa per minute
between 11 PM to 07 AM 30 Days Rs.19

Minutes / Seconds Pack

Description Validity Amount (Rs.)
local /STD mins: 10 Same day till midnight 5
Local Aircel to Aircel: 200 Mins
Local Aircel to Aircel: 100 SMS
Same day till midnight 12
Local Aircel to Aircel: 5000 seconds 30 Days 24
STD seconds: 3000 30 Days 32
STD minutes: 60 30 Days 34
Local & STD Minutes: 110 7 Days 55
Local Aircel to Aircel: 1000 Mins
Local Aircel to Aircel: 100 SMS/day
7 Days 64
STD seconds: 10000 30 Days 97
Local minutes: 110
STD minutes: 110
30 Days 115

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Aircel Start up Kit Rs.25

Talktime Value (Rs.) Validity Period Tariff Validity Amount
0 Lifetime 1 year Rs.25

Aircel Tariff Plans

Tariff (Paise/sec)

Local & Within Haryana Telecom Circle

to Aircel mobile 2p/Sec
to other mobile 2p/Sec
to landline 2p/Sec
to Aircel mobile 2p/Sec
to other mobile 2p/Sec
to landline 2p/Sec


Albania(F), Australia (F), Austria (F), Belgium (F), Canada, France (F), Germany(F), Hong Kong, Hungary (F), Italy (F), Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand (F), Puerto Rico, Russia (F), Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey (F), United Kingdom (F), US Virgin Islands, USA 11p
Australia (M), Austria (M), Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Germany (M), Hungary (M), Iran, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhastan, Korea South, Kuwait, Macau, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia (M), Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UAE, UK (M), Yemen. 17p
American Samoa, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bhutan & Rest of the world 28p
Bulgaria, Djibouti, Gabon (F), Gambia, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Zaire(F), Zimbabwe (F) 35p
Guyana, Libya, Lithuania 53p
Austria Special, Central Africa, Comoros, Congo, Estonia, Gabon (M), Gibraltar, Greenland, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Peoples Rev. Rep, latvia, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Maldives, Martinique, Monaco, Montenegero, Palau, San Marino, Seychelles(M), Sierra Leone, Somalia, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Slovenia, Togo, Zimbabwe(M) 79p
Ascension Island, Cape Verde Islands, Cayman Island, Cook Islands, Cuba, Diego Garcia, East Timor, Falkland Islands, Fiji Islands, Guadeloupe, Kiribati, Korea North, Nauru, Nigeria Lagos, Niue Island, Norfolk Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa West, Sao Tome & Principe, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, St. Helena, Tokelau Island, Tonga Island, Turks & Caicos Island, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis & Futuna, Zaire (M)& Rest of the world (Islands) 175p
Inmarsat, Iridium & Satellite Destinations 962p


Local 1.00
National 1.50
International 5.00

Aircel Prepaid Ratecutters

Aircel Rate Cutters

Talkvalue (Rs.) Description Validity Amount (Rs.)
ISD calls to Nepal: 7
30 Days 15
0 Local for Per Second Customers: 1p/2 seconds
for Per Minute customers: 25p/minute
30 Days 26
STD Calls: 40p/Min for first 500 STD Mins, thereafter 50p/Min
30 Days 28
10 All calls (Local / STD): Re 1 per 3 minutes.
(Local & National) per day: Rs.1 per 30 SMS.
First SMS to be charged: Re.1 & next 29 SMSs to be free.
Post consumption: 30 SMS
Local & National
SMS to be charged: Rs.1 per SMS
30 Days 39

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Aircel Minutes Rate Cutters

Description Validity Amount(Rs.)
STD minutes: 60 30 Days 34
Local & National Minutes: 110 30 Days 55

SMS Packs

Description Activation Code Amount (Rs.)
Local/National SMS: 100 *122*900# Rs.9
Local/National SMS: 500
Local Aircel-to-Aircel calls: 10 paisa per minute (between 11 PM to 07 AM)
*122*1900# Rs.19
Local/National SMS: 1000 *122*3500# Rs.35
Local/National SMS: 6000 *122*4900# Rs.49
Local/National SMS: 12000 Rs.79

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With introduction of the unified internet tariff, Aircel will also be introducing 3 days unlimited internet pack at Rs. 14 and unlimited internet access (2G/3G) pack for Rs. 98/month. Now you can get the Aircel 2G /3G experience on your smartphone, tablet or PC with a range of simple plans. This Post contains the full information about Aircel Prepaid Haryana Plans Details and Plan Validity.

Aircel is India’s fifth largest and fastest growing GSM mobile service provider with a subscriber base of 65.1 million. The company offers voice & data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G and 3G services, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), Long Term Evolution (LTE) to Value-Added-Services (VAS). The company also provides different type of service which includes Pocket Internet 24, Pocket Internet Games, Pocket Payment, Aircel Pocket Internet, Aircel Pocket Apps, My Aircel etc.

Aircel is a pan India operator that provides Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile services across 23 telecom circles in India and works under the slogan “The joy of a little extra”. It is an emerging player in the Indian telecommunication industry with its administrative office in Tamil Nadu, India. Aircel always innovate different plans that fit the needs of their different customers. Aircel Prepaid is a pay-as-you-talk mobile phone service provided by Aircel India.

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See the Official Website of the company for more or new Aircel Prepaid Haryana Plans Details.

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